Vogelbeobachtung in der Hasenheide

Volkspark Hasenheide Columbiadamm 160, Berlin, Berlin

Unsere Parkhausmeister*innen präsentieren Vogelbeobachtung in der Hasenheide Vogelbeobachtungsspaziergang für interessierte Laien und Einsteiger*innen in die Welt der Ornithologie. Mit der Naturpädagogin Susanne Wastl. Einfach Vögel gucken. Und hören. Mit dem Fernglas näher bringen. Mitten in der großen Stadt. Für Menschen jedes Alters, Familien willkommen! Wenn vorhanden, gerne ein Fernglas mitbringen


Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32, Berlin, Berlin

Curated by Mai El-Gammal Following the first screening on 22.09, the curator Mai El-Gammal continues to explore the dialectic between film and agriculture, unveiling an uncharted terrain where artistry meets sustenance, forging a deeper understanding of both practices and fostering a shared appreciation for the intrinsic value of storytelling and the natural world. Film 1: A Flood in Baath Country, directed by Omar Amiralay (2002, 52 minutes) The documentary explores the implications of Baath Party policies in Syria. Without commentary or criticism, Amiralay's film exposes Baath party propaganda and its debilitating effects on the people of al-Mashi village, 400 kilometers (250 miles) northeast of Damascus. The film moves slowly from students to teachers to government officials, with everyone reciting exactly the same praise for the president and slogans glorifying the Baath party. The film is a harsh indictment of the regime, portraying the devastating effects of 35 years of rigid Baath party rule on Syrian society. Film 2: Screening and Panel Discussion (TBC) Coming soon. Doors: 18:00 h Screenings: 19:00 h - 21:00 h at Oyoun’s Garden Q&A / Talk: 21:00 h - 22:00 h at Oyoun’s Café Ticket: Free admission! | Register here Language: English Biography Mai El-Gammal Mai El-Gammal…